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Speak the Speech– Shakespeare’s Monologues:

We will develop your presence through the prism of Patsy Rodenburg’s Three Circles of Energy™

We will work on body, breath, voice, range and speech in order to meet each word fully physically, intellectually and emotionally in readiness for the text to work us. You will get to choose from a selection of Shakespeare’s monologues for this workshop.


The play is the thing – preparation and rehearsal in Second Circle™

Get ready to ride a roller coaster of heightened speech and emotion that will test and hone your skills as we enter the world of Sophocles’ Greek Tragedy in ensemble in preparation to speak Oedipus Rex in its entirety.

Building on the scaffold built in Day 1, this day’s work will help you develop your ability to read and perform heightened speech under the intense pressure required to maintain rhythm and tempo, ensemble play, chorus work and sight reading all while remaining in Second Circle™ physically, vocally, intellectually and emotionally in order to play the text as written and meet the play fully in preparation to rehearse.


Cork, Ireland SOLD OUT
Where: Theatre Development Centre
When: February 9th Saturday- 10am – 6pm
Limited Spots Available.
Dublin, Ireland SOLD OUT
Where: Liffey Trust Studios
When: February 10th- Sunday 10am-6pm
Limited Spots Available.
Lisbon,Portugal- SOLD OUT
Where: Ginásio do Inatel da Mouraria
When: February 23rd- Saturday 10am-6pm.
Limited Spots Available.
London, UK
To be announced soon.
Vancouver, Canada
To be announced soon.
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