About Mark Downey, RRT

About Mark Downey, RRT:
Mark Downey, RRT (Registered Rodenburg Teacher), Certified Voice and Presence Coach was personally chosen by internationally renowned Patsy Rodenburg (“Goddess of Voice” Forbes Magazine) to be her first Certified Voice Coach in Europe.
Mark’s knowledge of body language derives from his studies in Paris under the master of the body in movement, Jacques Lecoq. Mark has also been certified as a voice coach by the legendary Seth Riggs.
He currently trains and coaches business and community leaders in Speech and Presence, and effective communication in all contexts with immense success.He is an experienced performance and artistic director of both spoken and non-spoken performance for stage and screen. Mark is an experienced script and speechwriter for speech presentation and media presentations. With his incredible skill and vast knowledge, he is able to successfully change how people present themselves through effective communication and presence.
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