“This workshop is designed for actors and performers of all disciplines who wish to explore their vocal and physical presence, widen their range in both and create a solid foundation for building character.
The training will allow actors to expand their vocal and physical expressiveness and create & perform authentic and compelling characters. We look forward to working with you! ” Mark Downey


Workshop Testimonials by the Participants

Nicola Rollett- Actor
“I really find this approach to voice work extremely valuable for both my acting and for life. I love the moments when I feel myself connecting to my presence, and the power it gives to the work and words. I also find it equally valuable that this type of work reveals to me the habits that are holding me back from my presence. I am looking forward to continuing this journey.  I definitely would recommend this workshop to others, thank you so much. “
Michael Kruse Dahl -Actor
I found this workshop to be the perfect mix of body, voice, and breathe work. I discovered both internal and external habitual tendencies about myself.  I was able to find out where in my body I do most of my living.With the plethora of techniques and tools provided in the intensive, I was able to find what really works for me in order to find both my voice and breathe. My overall speech has improved and I’ve discovered a deeper appreciation for pronunciation, sentence structures, and the importance of breathe.”
Amanda Lockitch – Actor
​”​I loved the balance between movement work and vocal work. Met some really great people, with whom I will stay in touch. It reinvigorated my passion for tuning the instrument. Let me see how far I’ve come already. Helped build my confidence. ​
​ ​Over all, and as always, I really value what Mark has to offer as a teacher. His second circle presence is always welcoming, encouraging, and intense. I feel very lucky to have struck upon his classes and look forward to going further into the work with him.”​
Anita Wang- Actor
“I was very impressed with how many elements were taught in the short period of time we had. I am especially happy about how my breath has improved. The biggest thing I walked away with from this workshop is learning the concrete, effective steps to improving my breath, articulation and connection to the text. I also loved learning about being in the second circle. The A-ha moment of experiencing what it feels like to connect to the ensemble and the audience in the second circle was wonderful. “
Photo Credit: Chara Berk Photography


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